Stopover in New York

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Impressions from New York city on my way to Columbus, OH 

This year I visited the ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers) conference for the first time. It took place in Columbus, Ohio and I used a stopover in New York to visit the Hall of Science and take a stroll through downtown Manhattan. It has been about 20 years, since I have been there and it is unbelievable how much it changed. I also visited the 9/11 memorial and it was a very emotional moment, that I haven't expected to be so strong. But a beautiful rainbow, caused by the mist of one of the huge water bassins, added some peaceful magic to that moment, so I was glad I went to see it and even taking the seven (or more?) security checkpoints that you have to pass on your way to get there. 

Date October 2012
Occasion Stopover on my way to the ASTC Conference in Columbus
Location New York City, US
Images © Claudia Schleyer