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  • BrushBot tinkering workshop at haptick

    May I introduce... our cutest BrushBot today!

  • BrushBot tinkering workshop at haptick

    The first guests arrived at precisely 5.00 pm and proudly tinkered their first brushbot ever!

  • BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

    He entrusted me the secret name of his bot - of course I won't tell anybody!

  • BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

    Father and son enjoying bot building likewise

  • BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

    Creative wiring

  • BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

    BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

  • BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

    Fighting with the wire stripping dragon ;-)

  • BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

    Welcome to haptick!

  • BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

    Wait until he gets his eyes... whooo!

  • BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

    Pure concentration...

  • BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

    Pimp my BrushBot! This one gets a sophisticated haircut to improve his dancing abilities.

  • Mr. Moustache!

  • A real cyclops!

  • The three LED at two batteries challenge...

  • BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

    In case of emergency call the man with the voltmeter ;-)

  • BrushBot Tinkering Workshop at haptick

    Voltage or not voltage is the question...

  • BrushBot parade

  • Underbody lighting 2.0

  • Underbody lighting 2.0

  • Late night tinkering

  • Thanks for the floor cleaning!

  • The display is growing!

  • The later the day the more creative the bots

  • Mr. Moustache No. 2

  • The "pros" - two experienced BrushBot builders!

  • Surprise visitors from danpearlman :-)

  • Sweet!

  • Come in!

  • Pure concentration... (He just wanted to have a look and stayed almost 3 hours...)

  • Sebastian's fabulous bot with two headlights!

  • Synchronous starting

  • Well.. how do we solve this?

  • Father and son!

  • Father and son!

  • Father and son!

  • Love Bot!

  • Hello cyclops!

  • The hacking pro! Just wanted to stop by and finally build an awesome raspberry Scorpio bot!

  • Two fabulous women!

  • Frank Oppenheimer would have loved it...

  • A proud bot builder! Congratulations!

  • The proud bot builder's bot

  • The couple bot challenge... passed successfully with great fun.

  • A great team!

  • In progress... looks promising!

  • Where does this wire go?

  • Social tinkering club ;-)

  • The bot with the most beautiful eyes!

  • Raspberry Scorpio bot!

  • Steel brush with raspberry flavor ;-)

  • Yeah! Two lights challenge passed!

  • Real BrushBot Love!

  • Mr. Superdancer!

  • Cute couple :-)

  • Magic smoke?

  • Angry bot ;-)

  • Solder it, glue it, tape it...

  • HeartBot

  • Successful prototype model in the spotlight...

  • Wow... a fluffy cuddle bot!

  • Hot iron salad...

  • What a wonderful day!

BrushBot Tinkering Workshop 

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Impressions from my first BrushBot workshop at

After getting infected with the "Tinkering Virus" during my stay at the Exploratorium in San Francisco last year I always wanted to do a tinkering workshop by myself. When the Kulturfestival Wedding Moabit was announced a couple weeks ago, I knew this would be the best chance to start the first workshop and introduce my new gallery and Makerspace "haptick" the same time - and decided to participate.

Of course I had no real clue how much work this actually would mean and kind of jumped into the cold water. After more than two weeks of researching and buying materials, building lamps, tables, chairs and shelves, I finally got to the point of building the first prototypes for the workshop. It was more challenging than I expected. I knew I definitely wanted two types and sizes of bots - but where was all the knowledge about electronics that I had learned about almost 40 years ago at school? Luckily there is this thing called internet nowadays and after four hours the two first bots were ready. I was exhausted, but happy.

When the two workshop days started, I was more than excited. How would people react on the tinkering challenge? What kind of visitors could I expect? How many? Would they get into it or dismiss the little bots as childish? How many children would come? From what age on can you take the responsibility to handle hot soldering irons and glue guns? How much time will they spend building their bots? Do the materials last? 

I was lucky - the first day wasn't too crowded and I knew a lot of the visitors already. Thankfully I was able to win two friends to learn and teach how to build the robots too and they were a really big help. So the second day wasn't less exhausting, but it felt much more familiar already and not as stressful anymore, when finally the crowds arrived. People were surprisingly patient and relaxed and spent hours and hours to build their bots. Wow! I didn’t expect that! Besides some really smart kids there were many grownups that enjoyed this social tinkering experience and its relaxing effect of the shared tinkering in a time of permanent media overstimulation. And of course they all had one thing in common: the pleasure, proud and joy of an successfully built BrushBot!

Finally I am really happy with the results. I met so many interesting people and had two wonderful days as a compensation for all the stress - and learned so much! One thing for sure: I will repeat the workshop and will offer similar activities in the near future. Watch out for the announcements! 

By the way: haptick has a facebook page! Like if you like! > haptick

Date September 2013
Occasion Kulturfestival WeddingMoabit
Location Belrin, Germany
Images © Claudia Schleyer