From Bees and Flowers 

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Interactive hands-on exhibition about bees at Karls strawberry adventure parc in Berlin Wustermark

Strawberries rely on bees or bumble bees for pollination as well as so many of other fruits and vegetables. At "Karls Erlebnisdorf" (strawberry adventure parc) in Wustermark close to Berlin, a special permanent exhibition was established in May 2014 to honor these bees for their extraordinary and tireless effort. The exhibition contains simple hands-on interactive exhibits as well as many artifacts from the former Bees Museum in Möthlow, which was established by Henry Kraatz in 1986. The old museum was cloesd and all 900 exhibits were transferred into Karls Erlbenisdorf. Most of them serve as decoration due to the limited exhibition space, but the most important ones were integrated into the new exhibition.  

Year 2014
Client Karls Erlebnisdorf
Agency Claudia Schleyer
Contribution Aquisition, budgeting, concept, design, most of the graphics, picture research and editing, texts, exhibit development, production management, controlling
Claudia Schleyer with support from Monika Ende
Images © Claudia Schleyer 2014