Interactive Brandhouse 

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An interactive brandhouse for the home loan bank Schwäbisch Hall

Home loan banks are useful institutions to reach the goal of an own home for everybody. For introducing and manifesting the brand and its brand values to external clients as well as teaching teh own employees, Schwäbisch Hall asked the Berlin based brand agency ::dan pearlman to develop a brand house for a very personal experience of the brand. The archetypical house ist set up in the courtyard of the brands headquarters and open to public on appointment. The brand values are introduced through several experiencable metaphors and supported through interactive hands-on exhibits. 

Year 2013
Client Bausparkasse Schwäbsich
Agency ::dan pearlman Berlin
Contribution concept and design of interactive exhibits, support and consulting for interior concept, storyboards, software, tender process and production management
Marcus Fischer, Nicole Gietz, Julia Bindseil, Florian Wagner and others
Images © diephotodesigner 2013, with frienly permission from ::dan pearlman, all rights reserved