Creative Consulting for Interactive Exhibits

What makes an interactive exhibit

Through my years of experience of developing interactive exhibits also outside the field of science communications I have come to define interactive exhibits as objects meeting three criteria:

1.  An object that is meant to be explored with our senses.
2.  A response by the object causing a memorable experience to the visitor.
3.  A relevant story behind that object which forms its content

I would not call my kitchen stove an interactive exhibit – even though it tells lots of stories and gives great feedback but it can easily turned into one when put in the context of a trade show or a museum.

My experience is your benefit

Looking at the wide field where interactive exhibits do appear, you can benefit from my experience in all of them. During the last 15 years I have conceptualized, designed and developed more than 100 interactive exhibits. Many of them were designed to communicate complex technical coherences in the automobile industry but also making several scientific topics accessible to the public. Please have a stroll trhough my references under Work > Projects 

Other services

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What I can consult you with

Despite that I also offer concept and design services I can support you and your team with the following:

  • > Giving you an overview
  • ... about current developments of the application of interactive exhibits.
  • > Research and recommendation
  • ... of the right institutions to visit in the prephase of a projects development.
  • > Accompanying you to chosen institutions
  • ... providing basic understanding about interactives sucess or failure.
  • > Review and evaluation of your concepts
  • ... concercing the overall feasibility as well as the single interactive exhibits.
  • > Connecting you with the right people
  • ... from designers, developers and manufaturers to investors and sponsors.


Image © Claudia Schleyer 2012