Concept and Design of Interactive Exhibits

Exhibits, Exhibitions or Expositions? 

Don't worry about the name. Exhibits can be single hands-on exhibits as well as hundreds of square meters of exhibition space. Crucial is only what I can do for you based on my skills and experience. Please find my references under Work > Projects 

Other services

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How I can support you

There are different ways how we can work together. Basically you can hire me directly and I will be your person in charge. When it comes to bigger projects or the need of a team I have a strong network of renown partner agencies, designers and developers available.

  • > Developing ideas and visions
  • ... for your projects, competitions, temporary exhibitions or programs.  
  • > Writing concepts and presentations 
  • ... for clients, jurors, sponsors or partners.
  • > Vizualizing ideas
  • ... through moods, sketches and renderings. 
  • > Reviewing and evaluating
  • ... of existing ideas oncercing feasability and improvement.
  • > Connecting you with the right people
  • ... for bigger tasks, further management or production.

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