Mighty Molecules

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Deutsches Hygienemuseum Dresden at “Mainau Discoveries 2011”

The exhibit in the pavilion of the German Hygiene Museum Dresden explains how hormones do influence our emotions. Whether we talk about fear, anger, happiness, or even love – hormones always come into play. The interactive exhibit contains of double sided hemispheres displaying nine hormones and a metaphor for the emotions that is affected by it. On one side a teaser object with a question is displayed and on the text explains the coherence. By getting involved, visitors will receive a lot of information about the topic of hormones in a playful manner.
Year 2011
Client Deutsches Hygienemuseum Dresden
Agency Triad Berlin
Contribution Aquisition, concept, creative direction, production management, controlling
Team Julia Ellrich, Till Sperle, Anne Geier and others
Images © diephotodesigner.de | © Claudia Schleyer | with friendly permission from Triad Berlin