From the Idea to the Insight

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DFG Traveling Exhibition about Individually Funded Research Projects

Since March 2012 a modular exhibition about individually funded research projects by the DFG (Germany's largest research funding organization) is travelling through Germany. The title of the exhibition is “From the idea to the insight” and shows ten outstanding research projects. Each project is presented on an individually color schemed “project island” which introduces the topic by a significant picture and a relevant question to make the visitor curious.

The challenge was to find a common design language for the projects that differ very much in their content and complexity. The actual researcher, his team and their work stands in the focus and is represented at the so called “laboratory” through special designed interactive exhibits. The visitor can explore the island and take over the role of the researcher for a specific task. Topics range from Nano molecules to the waggle dance of bees, the scientific examination of pictures, or rain sensors at cars that shall help to detect heavy rainfalls for flood prevention. The exhibition is expected to continue travelling until 2014.

Year 2012
Client Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Agency Triad Berlin
Contribution Aquisition, concept, design, exhibit development, production management, controlling
Julia Ellrich, Barbara Dechant, Ansgar Meemken, Markus Sailer, Tobias Kunz, Felix Schwan, Sonja Voigt, Sandra Renner a.o.
Images © Ansgar Meemken