Communication Exhibits

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Individually customized Interactive Exhibits for your Event.

Developed following my personal idea and concept in 2007, these high quality exhibits establish a new generation of plug&play products with flexibly designable appearance and contents. The exhibits are developed for sale and hire as well. Various interaction options let the Event Exhibits serve relevant key points like team formation, networking, competition, dexterity and concentration exercises or simply relaxation and distraction by joint play fun. This series is also effective in technical communication with expert audiences.

Casing and software of the exhibits can be adapted easily and quickly to various corporate designs. In addition, the intro and outro of the software as well as individual fade-ins offer the best option for the placement of individual product information, brand messages or other contents. From conferences to road shows to evening gala events, point of sail, retail, museum or exhibition, each application is upgraded in terms of communication and creates shared experiences with a high sentimental value. (Text: Triad Berlin)

Year 2009
Client Triad Berlin, Freie Universität Freiburg. Maschinenfrabrik Reinhausen a.o.
Agency Triad Berlin
Contribution Idea, concept,creative direction, exhibit development, production management, controlling
Team J. Ellrich, J. Blank-Muhr, S. Klekamp, S. Helling, C. Behrendt, C. Zinke, J. Eggert, a.o.
Images © Claudia Schleyer | © Triad Berlin | © NN