Entertainment Park Rust

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Experience Exhibits

At Germany’s biggest amusement park, Europa-Park Rust, Triad Berlin developed an interactive theme world named “Experience Energy.”  Several interactive exhibits are offered to distract visitors waiting time. In a virtual pipeline race, visitors can practice their coordination skills. At a photo station maps them in virtual worlds by the move of their hands and a huge football table provides lots of action. One highlight is the pipeline race where visitors can race from Siberia to Rust. They stir their vehicle with the aid of a pivoting stool called “Swopper” that is transferred into a huge joystick to sit on. In specifically marked areas, they can speed up and overtake their competitors in dexterous manoeuvres and enjoy the view of Moscow and the fauna of the Baltic Sea.

Year 2010
Client Gazprom Germania
Agency Triad Berlin
Contribution Concept, design, exhibit development, production management
Team Julia Ellrich, Barbara Dechant, Andreas Pinkow, Ansgar Meemken and others
Images © Claudia Schleyer