Noon Silence

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An inhabitable Sculpture for a Music Quartet

No noise without silence… For a summer school project with students from the University of Cincinnati the task was to design a temporary building for the center of Potsdam not larger than 10x10 meters expansion.

My conceptual approach is based on a Japanese Haiku poem talking about the silence at noon on a hot summer day, which is penetrated by the shrill of cicadas into the shade of a rocky environment. The building's shape evolved from the examination of the behavior of sound waves in space. Their reflection and the possibility to extinguish them by an opposing wave brought me to the analogy of rocks sitting at the sea where I grew up.

The temporary building gives home to four musicians being part of a quartet. Their uniqueness lays in the contrast of playing together but being individuals as well. The shape of the building demonstrates their common bond through the strong backs symbolizing the rocks and offering a quiet, concentrated and sensual space in their middle at the same time. The shades of the four facades display their individual rhythm of live and are reminiscent of an amplifiers movement.

Year 1996
Client City of Potsdam
Agency Student's project at the University of Applied Science Potsdam
Contribution Concept, design, sketches, drawings, photos, model building
Team -
Images © Claudia Schleyer