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The Mathematikum in Giessen opened its doors in 2002 and could in my opinion also be called a  topic focused Science Center. But a very special one! I have to admit, I never was the huge fan of mathematics, even though I really love structures and the analysis of things. But a whole museum about maths? Even though its interactive… it wasn’t necessarily on my Top 10 to visit list in Germany.

But when I met Prof. Beutelspacher in person one day and learned about his engagement in communicating maths for all ages, I became more and more curious. So this week by a good coincidence I happened to have the chance for a visit. And what shall I say: I was totally convinced!

The building itself is fantastic: lots of daylight, white walls and very nice cut rooms that give the chance to focus on different topics. Even with several lively groups of school classes in different ages it didn’t feel noisy or crowded. Most of the exhibits are very intuitive and the explanations short and precise.

Even though I knew a lot of the exhibits from other museums and in other contecxts, I suddenly go a totally different understanding of maths and numbers. I got infected!

The exhibits that I chose as my favorites became part of this list for several reasons. Some of them were just eye openers, some were just fun and some I just like for their character of interaction.

To find your own favorites, that are spread on three floors, don’t hesitate to plan your visit! If you’d like to know more about the shown exhibits below and how they can be used, just ask me.

Find more informations on the Mathematikum website


No. 10

Leonardo Man

No. 9

Tubes and Tones

No. 8

Numbers Board

No. 7

Feel the Graph

No. 6

Galton Board

No. 5

Conic Section

No. 4

Chain of Promes

No. 3

Pi by the Foot

No. 2

Building Brick Arch

No. 1

Parabola Calculator

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