Revitalizing Downtown Miamisburg

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A Dedication to Education

In 1994, Miamisburg, Ohio became one of the 11 cities to participate in the pilot technical assistance program called Accepting the Challenge: The Rebirth of America's Downtowns.  In 1997 it was our task as students to come up with a community vision and strategy for the revitalization of downtown Miamisburg. As a group of four we dedicated our concept the topic of education and started with several interactive installations all over the city:

“It is time that our governments address the desires of its American citizens and make available the necessary tools that allow us to focus on our families.  Every loving parent wants to make the future available for their children.  This includes making available the best education possible.

The future of communities in America depends upon the individuals who live there.  Our scheme does not offer an instantaneous solution, or propose a host of new businesses and activities.  Instead the citizens of Miamisburg should come together and plan a long term agenda of education, implement it, and follow it through.

Good school systems attract affluent, educated people who care about their community and their family.  Great schools increase property values and create new businesses that cater to the needs of a growing population.  They help to obviate juvenile crimes of boredom and dissatisfaction.

Miamisburg could SUPERCHARGE their school system.  It is already the second best in the county; why not try to be the best in the nation.  Strive to be better than everyone else by being different.  America's education is national news because it isn't working.  Miamisburg could turn this trend around by rethinking our education system, and become a model for the entire nation.  By consolidating expensive resources, using area experts for teachers, allowing interaction between different age groups and the community, the school system can work for the entire community and make the city of Miamisburg a household word.

A strong healthy community will create its own vibrancy.  Neighborhoods will fill with new people, businesses will arrive to meet their needs and downtown will revitalize itself, given time.  Make a permanent dedication to education and the rest will follow.” (Project  explanation by Andrew Westfal 1997)

Year 1998
Client City of Miamisburg, Ohio
Agency Student's project at  the University of Cincinnati
Contribution Concept, design, sketches, drawings, photos
Team Andrew Westfal, Peter Horton, Aaron Kingsley
Images © Claudia Schleyer