Mini Customization Desk

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Salon D’Automobile Geneva 2005

By order of ::danpearlman Berlin, the MINI Customization Desk for the Geneva Motor Show 2005 was detailed and produced in just six weeks from the first idea until the set into service. The concept and design were inspired by a music-mixing console. The specialty of this exhibit lays in its demand of manifold configurations possibilities in dependency to the chosen car model. Not every exterior paint color is available in combination with every interior equipment, roof, or rim. For that reason, every control unit was provided with a red-green LED to indicate combination’s availability for the chosen car. The frontend software was modified from an existing online car configurator, which now is controlled by multiple user interfaces. The exhibit was modified a couple times to be brought in action on subsequent trade shows like the Geneva Motor show 2006 or the IAA 2007.

Year 2005 and 2006
Client BMW AG
Agency ::danpearlman
Contribution Concept, design, exhibit development, project and production management
Team Julia Auth and others
Images © | © Claudia Schleyer | with friendly permission from ::danpearlman