MINI CO2 Reduction

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Interactive Exhibits about CO2 Reduction Techniques

For the presentation of the new MINI Clubman at the IAA, Triad Berlin developed several interactive exhibits that provided driving pleasure and movement. The highly complex themes of product substance and technology were presented to the visitors in a playful and easily comprehensible way. In just two months of realization time, Triad was responsible for the overall concept, design, editorial work, media design, media production and production control.

MINImalism > Three interactive wall exhibits presented the new MINI’s provisions for a reduction of consumption and emissions. Again, complex subjects were condensed for the context of the trade fair to show the essence of each technology. The visitors learned in a playful way how they are able not only to save on fuel by using the “break energy regeneration”, “auto start stop function” and “shift point display”, but also to reduce costs and emissions. (Text: Triad Berlin)

Year 2007
Client BMW AG
Agency Triad Berlin
Contribution Aquisition, concept, design, exhibit development, production management, controlling
Team Robin Carpenter, Ben Osborn and others
Images © | with friendly permission from Triad Berlin