Art Museum Potsdam

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Architectural Design Project

My first project ever connected to the museum world was a student’s design project for an art museum (Landesgalerie) in Potsdam, close to Berlin. The site is long and narrow and has a historic standalone façade to be integrated at one side of the building. At the long side of the building a public green space is directly connected to it. The opposite side is not visible by the public and that for used as a backing structure for the museum logistics. The light open glass façade turns the whole building into a huge show case and gives an idea about the main galleries located in the middle of the building.

Year 1995
Client City of Potsdam
Agency Student's project at the University of Applied Science Potsdam
Contribution Concept, design, sketches, drawings, model building, constructural detailling
Team -
Images © Claudia Schleyer