Science Exhibition “Discoveries 2010”

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Introductory Pavilion about the Carbon Footprint

For the second year of the science exhibition taking place on the island Mainau, Triad Berlin was rewarded to design three of the 18 outdoor pavilions presenting interactively explorable topics about energy and sustainability. The central exhibit of the pavilion presents fascinating examples how nature is able to save energy and how humans used these concepts for the development of new technologies.Moreover, a three-dimensional model represents the ecological footprint of the world, visualizing our consumption of natural resources.

Year 2010
Client Foundation Lindau Nobelprizewinners Meetings at Lake Constance
Agency Triad Berlin
Contribution Aquisition, concept, design, exhibit development, production management, controlling
Team Julia Ellrich and others
Images © | © Claudia Schleyer | with friendly permission from Triad Berlin