O2 Flagshipstore

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Communication Exhibits for Mobile Services Provider

In 2004 ::danpearlman Berlin was honored to develop the new O2 flagship store in Munich. I was assigned to finalize the design, develop and produce the interactive exhibits that were roughly sketched for the competition's entry. The work included detailed solutions for all conceptual ideas, design development, invitation for offers and negotiating, production management and coordination of all according services. The interactive exhibits included a vending machine for prepaid cards, a product conveyer operated from outside the store, information terminals, a cellphone photo station, innovative devices for mobile displays and a super sign in the appearance of headphones, which were introducing the mobile music services from O2.

Year 2004
Client O2 Germany
Agency ::danpearlman
Contribution Design detailling and development of interactive exhibits, production controlling
Team Peter Stulz, Julia Auth and others
Images © diephotodesigner.de | with friendly permission from ::danpearlman