Prince Salman Science Oasis

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Science Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The construction of the Prince Salman Science Oasis in Riyadh marks the establishment of one of the first large science centers in the Arab world. In the autumn of 2010, the “High Commission for the Development of ArRiyadh” accepted Triad’s bid for the prestigious project, comprising the development of a concept for the exhibition and for the entire interior design on a floor space of 3,000 m2. The exhibition consists of altogether five experience areas with over 100 exhibits, dedicated to the topics Space, Earth, Water, Life, and Technology. In addition, Triad Berlin designs the entrance area of the lobby, a children’s playground with pedagogically developed playing equipment as well as a media library, students’ labs, and a lecture hall located in the main administration building. Completion is scheduled for 2013/2014.

Science Communication > The general concept and the design of the exhibition is determined by the goals of drawing the public’s attention to the natural sciences and of imparting scientific knowledge and methods, including illustrating their practical use in concrete fields of application. Younger people are addressed in particular. Going beyond the conventional education at school, the idea is to encourage children and teenagers in a playful manner to become scientists themselves and to combine an understanding of modern technologies with cultural awareness.

Contextualization > Triad Berlin has applied the principle of contextualization to the Prince Salman Science Center Oasis. The design of the different rooms, creating a strong atmosphere – visitors are entering a spaceship or diving beneath the ocean’s surface – as well as numerous interactive exhibits are complemented by a third level of conveying knowledge. Films, photos, infographics, objects from collections, and, last but not least, texts relate timeless questions and findings of the natural sciences very concretely with the history, geography, culture, climate, fauna and flora of the Arab world. For instance, the spacesuit of the first Arab astronaut, an authentic collection item, provides evidence for Saudi Arabia’s participation in space travel programs (Text: Triad Berlin)

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Year 2010 until present
Client High Commission for the Development of ArRiyadh
Agency Triad Berlin
Contribution Head of interactive exhibit design and development, consulting
Jelena Blank Muhr, Nina Sorge, Julia Ellrich, Anne Geier, Tory Lichterman, Lino Teuteberg, Chiara Toncich, Nicolas Gabriel, Monika Ende, Falk von Zobeltitz, Anette Dittel, Ansgar Meemken and others
Images © Triad Berlin | with friendly permission from Triad Berlin