Art Gallery and Consulting for Interactive Art 

The Art of Science and Interaction

Interactive Art often has a scientific approach due ito is manner of integrated meachnics, kinetics or other natural phenomena. For Frank Oppenheimer it was the most natural thing to ask artist to develop interactive exhibits for the grwoing Exploratorium. Some of its most popular exhibits actually weren't done by designers or engeneers but by artits.

Interactive art installations and exhibits are also becoming more popular in public spaces like outdoor areas or public authority buildings. The fascination of interactive pieces even reached private spaces as living rooms and offices as well as famous art collections. For all these areas I can fullfill your needs. Just let me know what you are looking for!

Having visited many Science Centers and Museums all over the World you can find a selection of my regularly published favorite exhibits under Editorial > Top 10 Exhibits 

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What I have to do with Art

Art has always been a passion of mine. Going back to the roots I will continously expand my activities:  

  • > Researching artits and art pieces
  • ... for your public spaces and private collections.  
  • > Representing chosen artists
  • ... by managing, introducing and selling their works.
  • > Exhibiting interactive art
  • ... at the first interactive art gallery.
  • > Creating interactive art
  • ... by myself and in collaboration with other artists.

Image © Claudia Schleyer 2012 | Artist: Philip Beeseley, Hylozoic Veil, Salt Lake City 2011