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Aiming for life long learning

I absolutely don't want to give the impression that I know everything about interactive exhibits. Nevertheless I experienced that a lot of people want to know more about design and development of interactive exhibits than what is accessible to them. There are no special classes at universities, no professional trainings offered and only few companies building interactive  exhibits are able to pass that knowldege on.

I would like to bridge that gap and provide at least the basics by offering classes at universities and workshops to individuals and teams. Starting from the different kinds of exhibits that are available on the market up to the "Golden Rules" of exhibit design that can help you avoiding the biggest pitfalls.

I recently spent two months at The Exploratorium in San Francisco to improve and extend my knowldege and love to share that with you. If you are curious about my realized projects have a look at Work > Projects 

Other services

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How I can teach you

There are manifold ways to pass knowledge on. I can offer you the follwoing:

  • > Teaching assignments
  • ... currently at the Schule für Gestaltung > Editorial > Lectures
  • > Individual workshops
  • ... for mall groups of designers, students and your teams
  • > Lectures at universities
  • ... in summer classes or as part of the official curriculum.
  • > Lectures at conferences
  • ... on an international level. > Editorial > Lectures
  • > Online workshops
  • ... are available on special demand. 
  • > Personal consulting
  • ... by reviewing your work and giving helpful advice.
  • > Publications
  • ... of papers, blogs and essays. > Editorial > Papers

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