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Experimental Parcours on the Park of Ideas from Thyssen Krupp

Engaging and captivating interactive exhibits were to didactically present laser technology to children and youngsters. Triad Berlin developed the „LaserLab“ experimental course compromised of 10 stations. Designed as a mobile system with a high-quality flight case study, the exhibition was aimed to explain different laser technologies to children, teenagers and adults in other locations as well.

The interactive exhibits were designed to help children and adults learn how and where lasers are used in everyday life and what difference there is between laser light and ordinary light. Apart from the laser kicker, a robot that can be steered via joystick provided another highlight: The laser beam needs to complete a course through a labyrinth as quickly as possible. The visitors may weld a personal key ring and have their name engraved onto it with laser beams to take home as a souvenir. (Text: Triad Berlin)

Year 2008
Client TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG
Agency Triad Berlin
Contribution Aquisition, concept, creative direction, project and production management
Team Jelena Blank-Muhr, Barbara Dechant, Gesine Last and others
Images © | with friendly permission from Triad Berlin