Skoda Pavillon

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Renewal of the Skoda Pavilion in the Autostadt Wolfsburg

Triad Berlin and Milla and Partners jointly redesigned the Skoda Pavilion in the “Autostadt” Wolfsburg in Germany. A “brand gate” welcomes the visitor with a reactive sculpture and engages them directly with the brand world. The hybrid installation is situated at the interface of nature and technology and consists of a large amount of flexible high-tech blades with light capsules.

Entering the new main room with the 180 degrees opened dome the visitor enters the emotional center of experience and the heart of the brand. The focal point is a highlight vehicle surrounded by four interactive compass terminals giving deeper insights about the car and its brand. 

Year 2009
Client Škoda Auto
Agency Triad Berlin
Contribution Concept, design, exhibit development, partial creative direction
Team Julia Ellrich, Robin Carpenter, Jelena Blank-Muhr, Gesine Last and others
Images © Claudia Schleyer