The Rhythm of Live

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Weleda AG at Mainau “Discoveries 2011” Exhibition

On the island Mainau the pavilion of the Weleda AG invites the visitors to gain insights into anthroposophical medicine and its mode of action. They learn how the rhythms of our body have a direct influence on our thinking, feeling, and acting as well as our organ functions. The interactive exhibit has two sides and uses the mirroring shape of a human body as metaphor for the reflecting impact of influences. Visitors can see their own heartbeat as well as the effect of medical plants on their circulatory system.

Year 2011
Client Weleda AG
Agency Triad Berlin
Contribution Aquisition, concept, creative direction, account and project management, controlling
Team Julia Ellrich, Till Sperle, Anne Geier and others
Images © | © Claudia Schleyer | with friendly permission from Triad Berlin